Marrybrown Eatalian Meals
Marrybrown Eatalian Meals

Look at what Marrybrown has in store for you... Surprise, surprise! Or should we say, sorpresa! Introducing the limited-time MB Eatalian Meals meant to take you around the world with Marrybrown! The meals feature MB's signature Crispy Chicken and Spaghetti, all-new Italian Cheesy Rice Bites and creamy Mushroom soup. Get it now from Marrybrown! Buon appetito!

Available at Marrybrown:

📍 Contact Pier (Domestic), KLIA

📍 Level 3 (Public Concourse) Main Terminal Building, klia2

📍 Level 2 (Domestic Departures), Kota Kinabalu International Airport