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Get a 100RMB red packet for your next purchase
When you pay by Alipay mobile APP for above 1000RMB

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Promo period: Sep 1st 2017 to Oct 31st 2017.

  2. Users who pay by Alipay mobile APP (above version 7.7) for above 1000RMB will get a 100RMB red packet for their next purchase; red packet is only valid for 24 hours. One user can enjoy this benefit once under Eraman Malaysia (Retail) outlets during the campaign period. Chanel is excluded from this promotion.

  3. The currency mentioned above is Chinese Yuan.

  4. The same Alipay account, same ID, mobile number, bank account linked to Alipay, or mobile device used to make payment will be recognized as same user by the system.

  5. If there is refund or return of the transaction, the 100RMB red packet will not be refunded.

  6. Should there be any assistant needed about Alipay payment, please contact Alipay customer service hotline at +86 571 95188.

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