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Eraman Shopping Extravaganza - Buy & Win
The Grand Prize of a BMW 318i and Other Fantastic Prizes Could be Yours! Every RM350 spent in a single receipt entitles you to a contest entry.

By entering the “Buy & Win” contest (“Contest”) as described at paragraph A below, the participants are deemed to have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions.



  1. This Contest is for the period commencing from 15 June 2017 to 14 August 2017 (inclusive) (“Contest Period”) or until stocks run out (whichever is the earlier) at which time it shall automatically and immediately expire. Malaysia Airports (Niaga) Sdn Bhd reserves the rights to amend the Contest Period at any time without any prior notice. No correspondence will be entertained in this regard.

  2. The Participant is entitled to one draw card (the “Card”) for every MYR 350 nett purchase in a single receipt at Eraman Retail outlets on the same day, excluding EXpress at KLIA, klia2 and all ERAMAN F&B outlets, which gives the Participant the opportunity to win consolation prizes and a Grand Prize of (1) BMW 318i. Participant is required to fill in their personal particulars on the contest form and/ or receipt, answer a question and drop it in the Buy & Win Contest box at the cashier counter where purchase was made in order to qualify for an entry.

  3. The Participant must ensure the name stated in the receipt is the same as in the contest form.

  4. The Contest is valid only for products purchased at all participating ERAMAN outlets (the “Outlet”) located at the following airports during the period set out in these Terms and Conditions. Except for EXpress located at Main Terminal Building KLIA, klia2 and all Food & Beverage Outlets (Food Garden, Marrybrown, Gloria Jean's Coffees, Pastamania, Bibik Heritage and Apron Bites)
    1. Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA & klia2)
    2. Penang International Airport (PEN)
    3. Kuching International Airport (KCH)
    4. Kota Kinabalu International Airport (BKI)
    5. Labuan Airport (LBU)

  5. The entry to the Contest (including the Grand Draw, defined below) is open to all passengers travelling to and out of KLIA, klia2, PEN, KCH, BKI and LBU.

  6. As at the date of entry to this Contest, each participant to the Contest (“the Participant”) must be 18 years old and above.

  7. Employees, or relatives of employees of Malaysia Airports (Niaga) Sdn Bhd, (collectively, Malaysia Airports (Niaga) Sdn Bhd), or their affiliates, or Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad and/or its subsidiaries, or its advertising and promotion agencies are not entitled to participate in the Contest.


  1. Buy & Win
    • Petron Fuel Voucher RM450 x 50
    • ASEAN Holiday Package RM5,000 x 1 + Petron Fuel Voucher RM1,800 x 1
    • ERAMAN Shopping Voucher RM15,000 x 1 + Bally Bag x 1+ Petron Fuel Voucher RM2,400 x 1
    • ERAMAN Shopping Voucher RM25,000 x 1+ Bally Bag x 1 + Petron Fuel Voucher RM1,800 x 1
    • GRAND PRIZE BMW 318i + Bally Bag x 1+ Petron Fuel Voucher RM3,600 x 1
    Promotion 15 June – 14 August 2017

  2. The Grand Prize and the Consolation Prizes Draw will be conducted 4 weeks after the contest ends on 14 August 2017.

  3. The Grand Prize Winner and the Consolation Prize winners will be notified via phone or email within 4 weeks after the Grand Draw has been held. If any of the winners are uncontactable via phone or email after 48 hours following the first attempt to notify them, Malaysia Airports (Niaga) Sdn Bhd shall have the right in their absolute discretion to redraw another Grand Prize Winner and/or Consolation Prize winner(s) (as applicable). If Malaysia Airports (Niaga) Sdn Bhd are unable to contact the winner, Malaysia Airports (Niaga) Sdn Bhd shall have the sole and absolute discretion to declare the prize in question forfeited.

  4. The results of the Contest and the Grand Draw shall be final, binding and non-contestable. No correspondence will be entertained in this regard. Malaysia Airports (Niaga) Sdn Bhd reserves the right not to award any of the Grand Draw prizes if they deem (in their sole discretion) that there are no fully and correctly completed forms and details submitted.

  5. For the avoidance of doubt, any customer who makes a purchase and meets the criteria as stated in condition A.2, he/she will automatically be entered into the contest. Winners will be chosen from a random draw or entries received in accordance to these Terms and Conditions. The draw will be perform by a random computer process.

  6. The Winners must produce the following documents in order to claim their Prize: (i) valid and original outlet receipt showing proof of purchase of the requisite products from Eraman outlets; (ii) proof of age and residence; and (iii) Self-identification documents (“Documents”). The Grand Draw winners must produce the Documents at Malaysia Airports (Niaga) Sdn. Bhd head office within seven (07) days following initial notification under paragraph B3 above.

  7. If any of the winner fails to produce the Documents to the satisfaction of Malaysia Airports (Niaga) Sdn Bhd (including outside of the permitted time period stipulated above), Malaysia Airports (Niaga) Sdn Bhd may, in their sole discretion, declare that such Prize has been forfeited by the winner and the winner shall have no right to challenge such declaration.

  8. The winners shall have no right whatsoever to choose the Prize (or any part thereof) that has been won, which shall be subject to Malaysia Airports (Niaga) Sdn Bhd discretion. Notwithstanding any other terms in these Terms and Conditions, Malaysia Airports (Niaga) Sdn Bhd may offer alternate Prizes and the winners shall unconditionally accept the same or forfeit the Prize. Prizes remain uncollectable within the period of one (1) month from the Prize Giving event, Malaysia Airports (Niaga) reserves the right to fortified the prize.

  9. If a participant has been drawn/ chosen as a winner for any contest held previously by Eraman in the last three months, an alternative prize-winner will be selected.

  10. A participant is entitled to be drawn as a winner for one prize category only. Eraman will draw/choose an alternative prize winner in accordance to condition B.8, should the participant’s name re-appear from a draw/ random selection process for a prize.

  11. Malaysia Airports (Niaga) Sdn Bhd shall not be liable for, nor make any representations or warranties whatsoever, as to the quality, suitability, workmanship or merchantability of the Prizes or any part thereof. The winners shall have no claim against Malaysia Airports (Niaga) Sdn Bhd in relation to the same.

  12. The winners shall be personally responsible for all taxes, costs, and expenses arising as a result of participating in the Contest, the Grand Draw or accepting the Prize(s). Under no circumstances shall Malaysia Airports (Niaga) Sdn Bhd be liable for any claims, damages, losses, taxes, cost, and/or expenses (including without limitation insurance or costs for registration of the prizes with appropriate authorities) associated with the Prizes and the winners agree and understand that he/she shall have to bear such taxes, costs and expenses as may be required for availing of the Prizes. The winners shall obtain, at his/her cost, all the approvals and permissions from the appropriate authorities, statutory or otherwise, that may be required to avail and/or use the Prizes.

  13. Malaysia Airports (Niaga) Sdn Bhd (including their affiliates, group companies or advertising and/or promotion agencies) or their directors, employees and agents shall not be liable in any way for, and shall be indemnified and held harmless fully and effectively by the winners against, any and all injuries, losses or damages to property or person of any kind, including death, claims, actions, proceedings and other liability arising out of or caused in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, by participation in the Contest, the Grand Draw or the acceptance, possession, use or misuse of the Prizes. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Malaysia Airports (Niaga) Sdn Bhd excludes all representations, warranties, conditions and other terms (including, without limitation, conditions of satisfactory quality, fitness for purpose, the use of reasonable care and skill and any other conditions implied by law) which, but for these Terms and Conditions, might have effect in relation to the Contest, the Grand Draw, the Prizes or any of them. The acceptance and/or use of the Prizes may be subject to further terms and conditions. Without limitation to the foregoing, Malaysia Airports (Niaga) Sdn Bhd shall assume no liability in the event that any Participants or winners are unable to avail themselves of the Prizes on account of non-fulfillment of the conditions imposed by Malaysia Airports (Niaga) Sdn Bhd and/or third parties.

  14. The Grand prize and consolation prizes are non-transferable and not exchangeable for cash, nor for any other alternative items of similar value.

  15. In the event if the winner for the Grand Prize is a non-citizen of Malaysia, he/she will receive cash, the amount to be determined by Malaysia Airports (Niaga) Sdn Bhd’s sole and absolute discretion.


  1. All validly registered and existing Petron Miles card members are eligible to apply for the Eraman Privilege Card (“EPC”) with a waiver of the minimum spend of RM350. Petron Miles card members have to fill up the EPC application form together with his/her valid Petron Miles membership number. The application will be verified by Petron Fuel International Sdn. Bhd and MAN will courier the EPC card with a valid Malaysian address within a minimum period of one (1) month. The EPC will entitle the cardholder to a ten percent (10%) off from purchases on the next visit.


  1. Malaysia Airports (Niaga) Sdn Bhd reserves the rights to withdraw/terminate this Contest, the Grand Draw or amend/vary/add/delete any of the Terms and Conditions (in whole or part) at any time without any prior notice.

  2. Any decisions made by Malaysia Airports (Niaga) Sdn Bhd in relation to this Contest, the Grand Draw or the Prizes, including the Terms and Conditions or the results of this Contest or the Grand Draw, shall be final, binding and non-contestable and no correspondence shall be entertained in this regard.

  3. The winners shall make himself/herself available at the disposal of Malaysia Airports (Niaga) Sdn Bhd for any public relations activity, promotional activities, without payment or additional compensation by Malaysia Airports (Niaga) Sdn Bhd.

  4. This Contest (including these Terms and Conditions) shall be subject to the laws of Malaysia, and any dispute shall be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Malaysia.

  5. Each Participant agrees and consents to Malaysia Airports (Niaga)’s collection, use and retention of his/her personal information (without compensation to the Participant) for all purposes related to this Contest including but not limited to (i) processing and administering entries, (ii) communicating with and awarding prizes to the winners, (iii) issuing publicity and announcements regarding the winners, (iv) advertising, promoting and publicising this Contest, and (v) providing any updates and information to the participants on MAN’s promotions. Any entry or request made by a Participant which seeks to limit the foregoing will result in the automatic disqualification of the Participant.



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